Green Consulting

Many organisations would like to commence “Green Projects” but do not know how to commence these. Often Companies have already put up their buildings without following strict green guidelines but this does not mean that they cannot start on the Green Journey. They can.

The Green Journey encompasses a number of areas and it is possible to commence projects in one or more of these. The Goals below indicate a few of the types of projects which can be initiated. AIE can help you commence, monitor and implement projects like these. Arosha Jayasundera, Director of AIE, is a Green Building Associate/Accredited Professional with the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka.

The Goals:

LEADERSHIP: Prioritize environmental health

CHEMICALS: Substitute harmful chemicals with safer alternatives

WASTE: Reduce, treat and safely dispose of waste

ENERGY: Implement energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy generation

WATER: Reduce water consumption and supply potable water

TRANSPORTATION: Improve transportation strategies for staff

TRANSPORTATION: Improve transportation strategies for staff

PRODUCTS: Encourage the safely managed and disposal of products

BUILDINGS: Support green and healthy Building design and construction

PURCHASING: Buy safer and more sustainable products and materials

AWARDS and RECOGNITION Available from :

Examples of Awards: Green Awards - Ireland