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Imagine what you could do with thousands of rupees added to your bottom line. Our cost reduction analysis identifies all the ways to save your business money. See how to reduce cost and immediately increase cash flow.

Cost Savings: Rapid, Significant Impact
If you operate on a 10% cash flow margin, then every Rs Rs 10 in cost savings is worth the same as Rs 100 of revenue. In other words, if wewere to identify Rs 10,000 in cost savings during your cost reduction analysis, you would need to increase sales by Rs 100,000 to achieve the equivalent increase in cash flow.
We can generate thousands of rupees in annual cost savings for small businesses. We will do this by performing a comprehensive expense reduction analysis.

Ways to Save: Excellent Cost Reduction Strategies
Our methodology includes Lean practices to reduce costs by identification of cost savings through methods such as:
• Elimination of waste by identifying what you actually use
• Process, system, or technological improvements
• How processes & procedures can be made more efficient, increasing your productivity
• Behavior modifications: saving money by identifying how products and services are used
• Correction of billing and other errors:identification, correction and credit
• Elimination of overcharges and/or unnecessary services
• Rate reductions from current providers
• Savings from alternate providers

This programme is carried out in stages. Do call us to find out further information.

This programme is based on the Balbridge Framework and assists companies develop their systems and processes to become “stronger” and develop more sustainable practices which can assist them win local and international awards.

We look at the organization from the perspective of :

• Leadership
• Strategy
• Customers
• Measurement and Analysis
• Workforce
• Operations
• Results

It assists you identify key strengths and weaknesses and move your organization to the next level.

We work with a top New Zealand Consultant in this field as well.  Check:

Talk to us for more information.

Many companies experience recurring problems such as excessive waste, transport, fuel charges, mistakes and overtime. These can be addressed by focusing on special projects where the pain points are designated as “in scope” areas. To address these, we use special Lean Six Sigma techniques.
Through the collection of data, means, averages and high and lows, the contributing issues can be identified and rectified.

Projects are designed so that the issues can be improved by a percentage within a specified time frame. These improvements are sustainable over the medium to long term and can lead to significant improvements in your business capabilities and performance.

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Very few companies in South Asia truly understand how much information they are losing daily, by simply not collecting and analyzing the data they have.
There is so much data that can be used to significantly increase sales, build customer databases and reduce costs.

Data can be collected about:

• Customer profiling
• Service levels
• Speed of service
• Call centre – types of calls
• Operations
• Average service levels and extreme service levels
• Measuring lean wastes
• Webpages – types of customers
• Key word selection for web pages
• Similar websites

AIE can help you analyse the data you need to collect, even guide you on appropriate ERP models and assist in designing small Applications that can assist you achieve higher sales and reduce costs.

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AIE represents Evolve Business Excellence, (EVBEX) , UK. Richard Davies is the CEO & Global Solutions Director of Evolve-Business Excellence (Evbex), UK.
Richard has over 30 years’ experience in construction and facilities management (FM), and has held senior operational roles, and managed large FM contracts. For the last 18 years,he has advised the board and senior representatives of numerous organisations in the UK and Globally, on key aspects concerning cost and quality. He has a track record of generating sustainable cost savings and efficiencies amounting to millions of dollars, whilst simultaneously improving quality and service standards. His clients include numerous organisations in both the public and private sectors, such as Government Departments and companies like Airbus and Heathrow Airport, BNP Paribas, Great Portland Estates, and Post Office Holdings.

Services We Offer:
Facilities & business consulting and support services focuses on:

• Strategic alignment with the core business
• FM procurement and FM tendering (private and public sectors)
• Business process re-engineering (based on ISO 41001)
• FM business transformation
• FM Benchmarking and cost planning
• QVi reviews for best value FM solutions
• Cost reduction and cost optimization
• Compliance and business improvement
• Consultancy based Interim FM management services
• Bespoke FM solutions

Seminar on ‘Introducing Facilities Management Global Best Practices to Sri Lanka –

An Opportunity for Change

Richard will be coming to Sri Lanka, and South Asia, specifically to address the FM agenda and ISO 41001 developments ( where is he an advisor on the ISO Board) and to look at benchmarking bestpractices. He will be giving a presentation to the National Chamber of Commerce ( NCC) on the 28th February 2019, at 2pm, covering areas such as :
1. Introduction to Facilities Management – what is it?
2. Issues and Challenges in the Sri Lankan FM market
3. Latest thinking, trends and knowledge transfer from the UK (a mature market)
4. International Standards for FM
5. The New ISO 41001 Facility Management Procurement Standard
6. Quality-value index (QVi)
7. Questions and answers

Please contact the NCC for further details and reservations.