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Today the world is grappling with the current and post effects of COVID 19. Some countries have now emerged somewhat, but none are unscathed.

COVID 19 cannot force businesses to re-invent the wheel, but certainly it has buckled it, pushing businesses to re-analyse their previous ways of doing business. What most of them failed to include in the SWOT analysis and their list of RISKS, was a microscopic virus, more powerful than even governments. A risk which was an outlier, a Black Swan event in a sense, which would literally turn the world upside down.

The culmination of this virus means that today a whole gamut of business processes have been disrupted and need to be redesigned. We are moving towards a world driven much more by technology and the requirement of efficient processes as consumers find their buying power has much reduced. Customers today, are looking for more value for every cent or rupee they spend.

All of us have been forced to take another look at the way we are doing business. Most businesses have lost their “cushions of fat ” so to speak. They cannot afford to neglect the “waste of resources” any more. Lean experts have been trained to identify more waste than the average person. Waste makes itself evident in areas such as: waiting, defects, transport, inventory, re-work, motion, overproduction etc. Identifying these wastes and then removing them require an “eye for waste” and the drawing up of Value Streams Maps, Charting of defects, etc. Most organisations have simply not trained their staff in these areas. This is where the Lean Six Sigma Experts come in. We are trained to identify waste and assist organisations to maximize their value on every cent or rupee they spend.

We understand that one of the biggest challenges most companies face today is to do more with less – and this requires change. A change not only to the way work is processed but to the way, work is thought about. This change must be from the top down to be sustainable. Without this, we will simply be doing less with less and lose market share.Whilst we understand you are the expert in your field, we are the experts in productivity and value maximization.

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